We are honoured to present the PhD Student of the Month March 2021, Milad Moradi Vastegani, who is enrolled in the N094 programme „Medical Informatics, Biostatistics & Complex Systems“ and works at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support at CeMSIIS (Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems).

In his PhD thesis, Milad focuses on explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the biomedical context. In recent years, complex AI models have been widely adopted to develop intelligent biomedical and clinical information processing systems. However, these complicated AI models operate as a black-box, making it difficult to understand their inner working and decision making logic. This lack of transparency may lead to trust, fairness, and ethical issues – particularly in the medical domain, as AI systems are being used to assist practitioners in mission-critical situations.

Milad aims to develop explainable AI models that can help to understand what knowledge an AI system has learned and why it makes particular decisions. Furthermore, he investigates how accurate AI systems can operate in realistic scenarios, since they are usually evaluated on a few benchmarks that may not reflect real-world situations. Research on the explainability of AI models in the biomedical domain promotes transparency and accountability of intelligent systems as well as it addresses the trust, fairness, and ethical issues of using intelligent computer systems for clinical decision making.

Milad’s research efforts have already led to numerous publications in prestigious scientific journals such as „Expert Systems with Applications“, the „Journal of Biomedical And Health Informatics“ and „Artificial Intelligence in Medicine“.