We are honoured to present the PhD Student of the Month June 2021, David Pereyra, who is enrolled in the N094 programme Vascular Biology and participated in the MDPhD Excellence Programme of the Medical University of Vienna.

David’s thesis project is a joint project between the Department of General Surgery and the Institute of Vascular Biology and Thrombosis Research that focuses on the clinical and pre-clinical understanding of postoperative liver regeneration. Patients undergoing extended liver resection are at risk for development of postoperative liver dysfunction, which arises from impaired liver regeneration. As there is no causal therapy to induce liver regeneration, the project’s goal is to elucidate underlying pathomechanisms, to identify potential therapeutic targets and to investigate novel interventions. Identification of robust biomarkers for the refinement of patient selection and in order to be able to provide individualized treatment for patients prior to liver resection is another objective of the project. Thereby, the research group aims to ultimately improve the outcome of patients undergoing liver surgery.

David’s research efforts already led to numerous publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, amongst these publications in the top-ranked journals „Journal of Hepatology“, „Hepatology“, „The Lancet Haematology”, and co-authorships in „Science Immunology“, „Developmental Cell“ and „Blood”.