PhD Student of the Month - Eva Theuer, April 2020 PhD Student of the Month










The first PhD Student of the Month is Eva Theuer, who works at the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The focus of her research and clinical work is FOKUS, a clinical unit specializing in Child Protection Medicine. Her thesis project deals with the scientific analysis of FOKUS and the situation of child protection work in Austria.

Child maltreatment is a major public health issue with over 55 million children being affected in the WHO European region. Traumatic childhood experiences are associated with an increased risk of mental health disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, chronic disease, delinquency, violent behaviour and reduced life-expectancy. Child Protection Medicine aims for early detection and optimal management of these cases in order to alleviate long-term consequences. The thesis project of Eva Theuer will provide an overall assessment of the current status quo of child protection work in Austria and generate recommendations for future developments.