We are honoured to present the PhD Student of the Month December 2020, David Tianxiang Liu, who is enrolled in the N790 programme “Clinical Neurosciences” (CLINS) and works in the research group of Christian A. Müller at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology.

In his thesis project, David investigates diagnostic strategies and clinical characteristics of patients with smell disorders. Olfactory dysfunction is a common condition that affects up to one quarter of the general population and dramatically reduces the affected individuals’ quality of life. The overall goal of David’s research efforts is to identify strategies that can be used to improve diagnostic test methods, therapy outcomes, and quality of life in patients with smell disorders. Therefore, results of his projects might help to improve diagnostic efficiency, leading to early interventions that improve long-term outcomes.

David has already published several articles related to his thesis project, e.g. very recently a novel test method to assess olfactory function in the journal “Scientific reports”, and numerous other publications in top-ranked journals such as „Rhinology“.