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We proudly present the PhD Student of the Month February 2021, Hannah Puhr. She is enrolled in the N790 programme „Clinical and Experimental Oncology“ and works at the Division of Oncology, Department of Medicine I.

Hannah’s research activities focus on gastroesophageal cancer. Her goal is to gain more insight in prognostic markers and detect new therapeutic targets in this devastating disease with poor survival and limited treatment options. In a large European cohort, she is evaluating clinical, genetic and immunological factors that might influence survival. Furthermore, in her thesis project, she prospectively evaluates local inflammatory processes with immunohistochemical staining of tumor tissue and then correlates them with systemic inflammatory markers and survival. Hannah’s personal aim is to help achieve a deeper understanding of tumor progression in these patients and, thus, to improve their therapeutic options and prognosis. Her research efforts already led to various publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, amongst these a publication as first-author in the top-ranked journal „ESMO Open“.